Chapter 2: Round 1, ding ding!

Well… Lots have happened in the week since I posted last, and seeing as today is what I would call a ‘good day’, I thought no better time like the present to write another blog post.

It has now been a week since my first round of chemotherapy. It was all a bit of a rush to get me admitted to the hospital and get things started as soon as possible once they had decided on the plan of action. It was go go go! The original plan was for me to be on a type of chemo called R-CHOP, which is just an easier way of saying the drug names, however, that plan has all changed now (watch this space for updates about that after Tuesday…)

I think the hospital staff were a lot more worried about me come Friday morning than they let on (which I’m glad of!). They decided that my second half of the chemo dose needed to be brought forward to an earlier time than 3:30pm, due to the fact that I had woken up on Friday morning swollen from the armpits up like the stay puft marshmallow man! That’s something that’ll happen though when you’ve got a large tumour squeezing your main blood vessels!


The administering of the chemo drugs themselves was a lot less eventful than I expected. I had imagined that I would be able to feel them coursing round my body, but for the most part, I wouldn’t have known any different from the saline drip that they had me constantly hooked up to! Granted, they were administered very slowly due to it being the first dose and due to there being a very high chance of me having an adverse reaction to one of them, but still, an odd feeling knowing that technically a poison was being pumped into me! One of the drugs, the last one if memory serves correct, did give me a slightly odd feeling in my head and face, almost too odd to describe. It felt like my brain was hot like there was heat right in the centre of my face behind my nose, and I could smell the chemicals from the inside of me, but none of the nurses seemed particularly worried about this and they were so attentive and good with everything. They’ve had lots of practice!

Friday night I was wheeled back to my private NHS hotel room and hooked back up to my trusty whirring and beeping friend the fluid drip and that was it – the first round of chemo – completed!

Saturday I felt pretty good. The swelling had gone down a lot and I could definitely breathe easier, which the consultants seemed very pleased with, but I wasn’t out of the woods just yet as they had told me that things could still get worse before they got better because sometimes the cancer cells could swell before they were broken down, and in my case that would have been pretty bad (it didn’t happen – yay!). Sunday was just more monitoring and blood tests (twice a day – I now have the arms of a drug addict), and Monday morning after blood tests came back good still (they were looking out for problems with my kidneys as they could have struggled to process the waste cancer cells out of my body) I was told I could finally leave! 5 hours later after waiting for the pharmacy to send down my huge bag of drugs I was out of the door with the biggest smile on my face!

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